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I serve as the engineering lead for the Interactives News Engineering team at The Washington Post. My primary focus revolves around developing internal tools tailored to streamline our newsroom's workflow. My approach values collaboration and embraces creative flexibility, constantly seeking new challenges.

I hold a B.A. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with a major in Media and Journalism and a second major in Communications: Media Production, along with a minor in history. Currently, I am pursuing an M.S. in computer science at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

In my previous role, I functioned as a project manager and creative content producer at the Reese Innovation Lab. During this time, I collaborated on projects with renowned organizations such as TIME, Quartz, and the UNC System Office.

When I'm not working, I find joy in the company of my dogs Luna and Jax. I'm a devoted plant enthusiast and an avid reader (feel free to connect with me on Goodreads!).

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NCAA Tournament Coverage

Role: Software Engineer

Coverage of the 2021 and 2022 NCAA Tournament for the women and men tournaments.

2022 Women's Bracket | 2022 Men's Bracket
Olympics Coverage

Role: Software Engineer

Coverage of the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.
2022 Winter Olympic Section Front | 2022 Winter Olympics Events | 2022 Winter Olympics Medal Count
Sport Climbing in AR

Role: Project Manager and Photographer for 3D Artist

An augmented reality experience that allows readers to watch US Olympic climber Brooke Raboutou demonstrate speed climbing.
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Role: Project Manager and Front-end Engineer

A dashboard that will put campaign finance for the General Assembly and statewide offices into an easily sortable and searchable dashboard to make sense of those who are funding campaigns of state leaders for use by citizens, journalists, activists, academics, and others.
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Inside the Amazon: The Dying Rainforest

Role: 3D Artist

In this immersive journey by TIME, a team of journalists ventures deep into the Amazon, encountering indigenous people resisting illegal logging, loggers carving paths into the jungle, and frontiersmen/women profiting illicitly from the land. The use of cutting-edge drone photography and 3-D photogrammetry provides a unique and unprecedented view of remote and endangered locations in the disappearing Amazon.
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The 2050 Project

Role: 3D Artist

The 2050 Project is an augmented reality experience that explores how eight cities around the world are creating solutions for the increasing population.
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Role: Project Manager and Videographer

GEAR UP VR is a project funded and led by the UNC System Office to bring campus tours to students across North Carolina who may not have the means to travel and see the vast majority of educational opportunities they have in North Carolina.
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GoHeels Productions

Role: Production Assistant

Cut highlight packages, postgame interviews with players and coaches, live sub-clipped football and basketball games, and helped with features and interviews.
Example Video

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